Kersten Schlosser, der gemeinsam mit Sebastian Heupts am Aufbau der Fluoreszenzspektroskopie forscht, ist von PiCoQuant (Berlin) zu einer Tagung über "Principles and Applications of Time-Resolved Fluorescence Spectroscopy" vom 27.-31.10 nach Berlin eingeladen worden.

Course Chairman: Rainer Erdmann, PicoQuant GmbH

Aims and Purpose

The course is intended for individuals wishing an in-depth introduction to the principles of fluorescence spectroscopy and its applications to the Life Sciences. Attendees are typically professionals who are using or intend to use fluorescence in their research. Most attendees have some knowledge of fluorescence, typically in a specialized area. However, other individuals, from totally different research areas and industry, get the opportunity to enter this exciting field in a very effective way and benefit especially from the experimental section.

Course instructors

  • Joseph R. Lakowicz, Professor of Biochemistry and Director of the Center for Fluorescence Spectroscopy
  • Zygmunt "Karol" Gryczynski, Professor at the Department of Molecular Biology and Immunology at the University of North Texas
  • Rainer Erdmann, Managing Director of the R&D company PicoQuant GmbH and specialist in ultrasensitive fluorescence analysis
  • Matthias Patting, Senior Scientist at PicoQuant GmbH and specialist in software design for time-correlated single photon counting instrumentation
  • Michael Wahl, Senior Scientist at PicoQuant GmbH and specialist in instrumentation for time-correlated single photon counting

Guest lecturers

  • Manfred Auer, Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research Vienna, Innovative Screening Technology, as well as lecturer for Biophysical Chemistry at the University of Salzburg, Austria. He specializes in the development of novel drug discovery technologies.
  • Jörg Enderlein, Professor at the University of Tübingen, Germany. He specializes in Single Molecule Detection, Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) and complex data analysis.
  • Paul French, Head of the Photonics group at the Imperial College London, UK. He specializes on biomedical optics with particular emphasis on coherence-gated imaging through turbid media and fluorescence lifetime imaging applied to molecular biology, clinical imaging and drug discovery.
  • Johan Hofkens, Head of the single molecule and fluorescence microscopy group in the laboratory for photochemistry and spectroscopy, devision for molecular and nanomaterials, departement for chemistry, KULeuven, Belgium. He is specialized in application of time resolved fluorescence techniques and single molecule spectroscopy in material science and biosciences.